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Netgear Arlo Security System delivers you a high-class security system that you need for your home security. Arlo’s camera security system gives you a wire-free HD security camera that has everything you need to keep an eye on the things you love. Arlo camera has HD image quality, water-resistant capability, night vision image, and many other features that make this Arlo security system the best among all the other security systems.

Netgear Arlo camera security system is a hight trusted security system all over The United States and Canada that provides quality home security systems. Arlo camera comes with many variant devices that consist of an indoor and outdoor camera, and each of them offers distinct features among themselves. Some of the outdoor cameras are Arlo Ultra, Arlo Pro 3, Arlo Pro 2, Arlo Pro, and indoor cameras are Arlo Q and Arlo Q Plus.

Netgear Arlo Camera comes with up to 5 cameras and allows you to add up to 15 per system additional cameras. Arlo camera can be managed with the Arlo App that you can download from the App store. This App gives you remote access from any mobile device to:

  • Check video feeds
  • Save recordings
  • Option for Motion sensors
  • Home siren for emergency

Arlo security can be accessed from Google Assistant and Amazon’s Alexa for hands-free voice control. Arlo camera is overall a high-quality system, but it does come at a high cost.

Arlo camera security system provides a variety of features I am going to elaborate some of them now :

  • Wireless connectivity: These cameras work on batteries, so you don’t need to plug them in. It is a wireless system so you can place them anywhere you want, you can reposition them according to your needs. There is no need for wiring or drilling. You can mount them on the wall with the magnetic holder behind your camera.
  • Weatherproof or water-resistant: This means you can put your camera outside in extreme weather and work just fine in severe weather as well. These cameras were to tolerate the hardest weather conditions.
  • HD Video quality plus Night vision: Arlo camera captures 720p video, which is very clear as compared to the other security cameras. The quality remains as it comes with the night vision feature there’s no effect to the video quality even at night, it automatically turns on at night. It allows your camera to continue to capture clear video.
  • Cloud storage for recordings: Arlo camera records in real-time and then upload the tape to the clouds that means you can access your feeds anytime and anywhere you want on the Arlo App you have on your mobile phones. It merely works with the Arlo account from that account you can manage your feeds. Arlo account is used to control cloud services, and you recorded feeds
  • Motion Detection and Smart Siren: Arlo camera works when it detects any motion or sound so that it will provide an alert to your phone. After that, you can access your feeds remotely and view your recorded feed. Arlo Pro camera comes with a Smart siren, which can be triggered remotely when you see any suspicious activity. With the improved motion sensor range, Arlo Pro wireless camera can detect motion from up to 23 feet away. Arlo Pro camera responds to action almost instantly, which means you get the most precise shot of what triggered the motion sensor, and then you will get a notification on your phone.
  • Arlo Pro camera siren can be activated from the Arlo app.
  • You can automate all the Arlo devices modes to turn on the siren whenever it detects motion or sound by the camera.
  • Sync with other Arlo Products: If you are using many Arlo devices, you can sync them together, and even if you purchase any new Arlo device, you can sync them with the same Arlo account. You can sync a new Arlo Pro wireless camera with an existing base station or set up a new base station. No matter what model camera you are using, Arlo keeps you covered in every way.
  • Rechargeable Camera batteries: Netgear Arlo camera is a wireless camera that means it uses an external battery connected to the camera to work, and these batteries are rechargeable, which means you don’t have to purchase new batteries whenever your batteries get discharged. You can even charge your camera batteries without removing them.
  • 2-Way Audio: Pro Arlo cameras provides both speaker and a microphone that lets you use both speaker and a microphone when someone visits on your doorstep. Arlo camera enables you to record video with sound, send you the alert triggered by the music or motion.

In the end, Alro provides the best features according to your needs with the best possible video and sound quality.

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